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Marine Manifolds

Marine manifolds for each engine must be due to place a long time (saline) in sea water, must always check and replace. Don't worry about its sales, all products on the website support wholesale and brand OEM, please inquire and order....

  • Marine Manifolds
  • Marine Manifolds
  • Marine Manifolds
  • Marine Manifolds
  • Marine Manifolds
  • Marine Manifolds

Marine Manifolds Product Description

Marine Manifolds XME 82018 exhaust manifold, a new 3" exhaust elbow/riser for marine engines。

3" exhaust elbow marine manifold

Flexible exhaust hose can be used to facilitating connection to existing exhaust lines。 The elbows can swivel inboard or outboard for perfect fit。 Standard for use with 3"i。d。 exhaust hose。

XME 82018 Marine Manifolds to replace the manifolds:

Indmer53-2009   53-2018

The XME 82018 Marine Manifolds 3" Center Riser fifts to following manifolds:

XME 91-81        

Indam V8 302 and 351 cu。 in。 All models, all years。

Waukesha V8 302 and 351 cu。 in。 All years Pleasurecraft V8 302 and 351 cu。 in。 ALLmodels, all years。

Marine Manifolds Productive  Proces

XME Marine Manifolds

  • 100% leak test

  • Even wall thickness

  • Clean exhaust passage

  • Shot peening to obtain a smooth exterior finish

  • All mounting surfaces are CNC machined to ensure a secure gasket mating surface

  • Painted with enamel



  • 1, XME is a foreign trade company or factory?

    A: Our company is xinlong industry and trade integration, one-stop service to protect the vital interests of customers and product quality, but also provide a strong after-sales service.

  • 2. Do you have other models of marine manifolds?

    A: Yes, the site is only to show the specific type marine manifolds need to contact customer service,

  • 3。 How do I get marine manifolds sample?

    A: If you need, we are pleased to provide you marine manifolds samples, but new customers need to pay sample and delivery costs, payment deducted from formal order of cost.

  • 4.XME products only marine manifolds it?

    A: No, We are a professional engine parts manufacturer, producing marine exhaust manifoldsmarine exhaust risers, pistonscylinder linerscylinder blockscylinder heads. At the same time, castings and forgings can be produced according to the drawings。

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