Mercruiser Manifolds

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Mercruiser Manifolds

The mercruiser manifolds are suitable manifolds for the mercruiser engine. They can replace the manifolds on the mercruiser manifolds of the mercruiser engine, and extend the service life of your engine....

Mercruiser Manifolds

Why mercruiser manifolds need to be replaced?    Why mercruiser manifolds rust?  

----- Environmental factors

Marine mercruiser engine of the ship is in seawater, seawater also contains salt. mercruiser manifolds long soak.

------ Working 

Mercruiser manifolds principle is to cool the engine through the waterways, and then discharging the exhaust gas

------ Material

Mercruiser manifolds made of cast iron, a long soak in sea water (saline) in a wet environment。

Mercruiser manifold and engine supporting it?

Mercruiser manifold there are a number of models, different engine supporting Mercruiser manifold not necessarily the same, first check the manifold or engine type.

MARINE-ENGINE-EXHAUST-MANIFOLDAccording to your needs, you can put your own logo on the product, we will help you realize the business of the manifold。


XME Foundry has now become one of the leading mercruiser manifolds manufacturers in China。 We have passed ISO certification, with excellent quality, competitive price, safe packaging and fast delivery time, have been operating overseas for more than 10 years Business。 B2B manufacturers focusing on customized services。


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Marine Exhaust Manifolds

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