Automatic sensor mode selection 自动传感器模式selectiont2red Large clear display 大显示清晰 Intelligent leaf button- Changing from one operation mode to the other- Turning the thermostat ON/OFF- Saving changes- Energising the thermostat when in standby mode (motion sense technology)   智能叶按钮 从一个操作模式的改变 将节温器的开/关 节能的变化 重振温控器在待机模式(运动感技术)   Built-in 4 event timer function   内置4个事件定时器功能   2 operation modes- Manual on/off program (1 temperature set-point)- 1 editable pre-program (4 temperature set-points per day) 2种操作模式 手动打开/关闭程序(1温度设定点) 1编辑的预编程(4温度设定点的每一天)

Easy navigation 简单的导航 Work in floor sensing mode, room sensing mode and room sensing mode with floor temperature limiter 在地板传感方式工作,房间的传感方式和房间地板温度限制器检测模式
Large blue illuminated display t2redlarge蓝色发光显示 Timer function, programmable each day per week in 30 minutes blocks 可编程定时器功能,每一天,每一周30分钟块 2 selectable pre-programmes. (EcoH for e.g bathrooms; EcoO for e.g office building), editable by the user 2个可选的预计划。(ECOH例如卫生间;例如,办公楼)由用户编辑  1 Standard program to set comfort temperatures only  1标准程序才舒适温度  Increased comfort due to the intelligent adaptive function: calculates when the heating is to be switched on to make sure that the comfort temperature is reached when required   增加舒适性的智能自适应功能:计算当加热是开启使确保舒适温度达到要求时  Floor sensing, room sensing or room sensing including floor temperature limiter for temperature-sensitive top floors (e.g wood) 房间或房间地板传感,传感感知包括地板对温度敏感的顶层温度限制器
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