Forged Clevis Slip Hook

May 20, 2020

Clevis slip hooks are versatile because of their full, wide throat. Easily hooked up to shackles, eyes or chain tied loads. Often used in towing, pulling and securing applications. Slip and grab hooks with clevis end connections permit rapid attachment and removal from chain by using cotter pins that are easily removed from the hook.

The clevis slip hook is made from forged steel。 These forged slip hooks could be produced in different size range and they are ideal for marine and industrial applications。


Process: Closed Die Forging

Closed Die Forging can produce clevis slip hooks in which dies that contain a precut profile of the desired part move towards each other and covers the billet in whole or in part。 The heated raw material, which is approximately the shape or size of the final forged clevis slip hook is placed in the bottom die。 The shape of the forged clevis slip hook is incorporated in the top or bottom die as a negative image。 Coming from above, the impact of the top die on the raw material forms it into the required forged clevis slip hook。 All other small to medium forged hooks can be made using this process.

After closed die forging process, the quality, especially the strength, of clevis slip hooks will be greatly improved to meet virtually any load requirement.


Surface Finish: Shot blasting or Galvanized

After forging, post treatment such as shot blasting or galvanization could be operated to improve the surface finish. Shot blasting is the most simple and cheapest way to remove scales, burrs, ect, thus to obtain smooth surface.

Another common surface treatment way of forged clevis slip hook is hot dip galvanization, this will improve the anti-corrosion of clevis slip hooks when application, but also cost more.


Safety Attention

  • Do not exceed Safe Working Load limit.

  • Match size and grade of hook with chain.

  • Forged Clevis Slip hooks are not suitable for overhead lifting use.

  • Before use, Forged Steel Slip Hooks must always be inspected for wear, distortion and damage。 If worn, distorted or damaged, discard and replace。

Xinlong Machinery can custom all types of forged clevis slip hooks with different steel types. Our steel forging capabilities enable us to supply best quality forged clevis slip hooks with most competitive prices. Contact us while you have such purchasing plan!

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